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Changing the dyslexic narrative by connecting all the pieces

“You don’t have any idea how powerful you are and what you can achieve.  You literally cannot give in to your fear.  You literally have got to walk over it, step on it’s face and keep moving toward where you want to go and eventually, if I can get there, there’s no reason you can’t get there.”


Henry Winkler. Dyslexia
An American actor, comedian, director, producer, and author.

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About Us

Eulexiology’s goal is to change the negative stigma about dyslexia and establish positive practices to cultivate a new outlook toward how it is perceived and managed.

With a systematic and consistent method of instruction for persons diagnosed with dyslexia, or for those who have difficulties with reading, we can help you find successful ways to navigate the journey of improved reading skills that can lead to increased confidence. We want those who join Eulexiology to sharpen the individual talents that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. This is what Eulexiology is about!

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How It Works



During the initial consultation, we will gather background information, discuss your interests and expectations, and agree on a plan that fits your needs. 

Select Your Service/Book Online

Eulexiology will provide services using some of the best methods of teaching dyslexia.  This is online tutoring at it's best.



Tell Us How We’re Doing. Please complete the online survey once you have completed your session(s). We welcome your feedback and comments. Thank you.


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

I strongly recommend Chantel. I transferred my daughter from public school to a charter school and she was really struggling. At the time Chantel was teaching at the same school district but at different location. So she was knowledgeable about their curriculum. She was very patient and took the time to see what my daughter's weak areas were. At the end of each session Chantel discussed with me what they went over and also showed me what to do with my daughter at home so she can get more practice. With Chantel’s awesome teaching skills and telling me what to do at home with my daughter there was big change in my daughters grades....AB honor roll! Chantel worked so well with my daughter. My daughter was always excited to go to her tutoring sessions. I’m very grateful and appreciative for Chantel’s help!!

-Alexandria Cunningham

- Daniel K.


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