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Exclusive Services

What does a dyslexia tutor do?  Eulexiology provides tutors that patiently teach in a systematic and consistent method that will allow a person to learn based on their capabilities.


It is important for a dyslexia tutor to understand what dyslexia is in order to devise a plan that is the best learning approach. Because the types of dyslexia vary from person to person, the initial consultation is imperative to help understand the individual client's needs. A tailored plan is then created so that our client receives the right services. 

Step 1

Client Consultation

If you are looking for tutoring options, we will provide a comprehensive literacy evaluation during the initial assessment.  An academic plan will then be created that is tailored to the student’s learning goals.


Clients interested in group or organization workshops options can choose from the following:

  • Dyslyexia awareness workshop

  • Literacy Overview Workshop

  • Syllabication Overview Workshop 

Early Literacy

We will design an activity-based plan for Clients interested in Early Literacy classes for young learners between the ages of 2 – 4 years old.

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Select Your Service/Book Online

Online Tutoring                            45mins a session                          $75

(one-on-one sessions)

Group Education                          45 mins a session                         $45

(minimum of 4 participants)

Parents Q&A                                 30 mins                                          $30

Teachers Q&A                               30mins                                          $30

Early Literacy Classes                   TBD                                               $25

(per student at the designated center - minimum of 4 students)

Syllabication Package                   Six-45 min. sessions                   $400

Coaching Parents Package           Six-45 min. sessions                  $400

Coaching Teachers Package        Six-45 min. sessions                  $400

Eulexiology Workshop                 7 hours (one workday)               $1,000

(Education about Dyslexia in the workforce for businesses)

Step 3


Tell Us How We’re Doing. Please complete the online survey once you have completed your session(s). We welcome your feedback and comments. Thank you.

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