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Parents will have the opportunity to have a one on one session to learning skills and techniques they can use at home to help their child and ask questions.


Teachers will have the opportunity to add some skills and techniques to their toolbox to aid them in their reading instruction with struggling readers. 

Group Sessions:

Sometimes this is a better option for students and parents.  Group sessions will vary in size.  After an assessment students will be grouped based on the student's skill level. They will receive a systematic instruction that will move them along in their reading fluency, spelling, and comprehension.

Minimum of 3 sessions is required.


Each student will have a minimum of 3 one on one sessions that are 30 mintues to a hour each session.  They will be given an initial assessment to see where their strengths and weakness are in reading.  From there an academic plan will be created to tailor the student's learning needs and create reading goals.  The initial session will be a consultation with the assessment.  The sessions will follow the consultation with the academic plan in place.

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